DRE learning Wordpress… be kind!!

Dear Old Ship…

I do try to stay somewhere IN the current, but that does not mean I am a strong swimmer…

At the same time, when I observe that some of my colleagues are wading in the web like olympians, and have their registration forms all automated, and have their blogs and Twitters being posted to facebook, and their URLs all over the Google-able world, well, I feel compelled to wade our a little further into the stream…

This metaphor is clunky, so I’m abandoning it…  The point is, I’m trying to use WordPress to streamline the administrative tasks and bookkeeping that involve SO much duplication and take SO much of my time, AND keep me from doing the things I love to do best… Namely come up with cool and wonderful ways to share UU values with kids, youth and adults…

I hear it can be done(the WordPress/admin thing)… I’ve observed others doing it… But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to just DO it myself…

If any of you are fluent in WordPress, feel free to come in and sit with me as I muddle through… You’ll find me a humble and tractable student… honest… no, i mean it… really… no really…

Thanks and blessings…




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person, educator, unitarian universalist, artist, lover of the written word...
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One Response to DRE learning Wordpress… be kind!!

  1. She really is. I’ll swear by it.
    lov ya, bev

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