Old Ship DRE

R.E. Notes September 17, 2013


Dear Old Ship…

In the executive committee meetings that I attend, we’ve been using and fine-tuning this graphic you see here:


Ken introduced the idea a couple of years ago, an we’ve found that it’s helped us organize our thoughts, and reflect on how our various efforts and initiatives contribute to our larger goals.

I’ve grown to like these “circles of ministry” so much, and the way they distill myriad tasks into a manageable number of  categories, that I’m adapting them to R.E.   AND adding rainbow color coding!!  It may be that after 18 years of DRE-ing, I may finally have the “to do” list organized.  Here’s what I have so far:


Why am I calling this “news”?  Well, I think we should be proud of the quality and quantity of the work we do… And, if  these graphics and  visual aids help us or any of you do more and even better church work, won’t that be wonderful?

Circles of love and brightly colored blessings…

Beverly Tricco, Director of Religious Education