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R.E. NOTES December 18, 2013


R.E. NOTES   December 18, 2013

Dear Old Ship,

On Sunday, December 30th, there will be no Sunday school/Religious education classes… And on Sunday, January 5th, the R.E. Committee will have an “all age groups together” activity to ring in the New Year…

But then… on January 12th… the new term of curriculum begins… Our Jewish and Christian Heritage.

I want to talk more about that.

Most Unitarian Universalist congregations provide a religious home to people from a wide assortment of religious backgrounds…. and even folks who were raised in the same faith tradition may have very different experiences and memories of that faith.  Some still embrace much of their childhood faith with fondness. Some feel sad and injured when they look back.

As Unitarian Universalist religious educators, we accept the challenge of presenting some knowledge of as many faith traditions as we can, to our children, and in our Adult/Lifespan programs. And with most of the faiths we cover, that happens uneventfully and without worry. But when it’s time to teach about Christianity, strong feelings sometimes come forth. Some folks are pleased and grateful… some feel angry, maybe even betrayed… and may not even be clear about why.

I bring this to the fore so we can bravely “walk together” through all these possibilities. 

If you find yourself with questions about “how” or “why” we teach what we do, or any other questions for that matter, please call me… or any of the members of the Religious Growth and Learning Committees…

Ideally, we should make an appointment and talk over a cup of tea. Experience has shown that the more heartfelt the topic, the less likely it is to be well-handled via e-mail… When we sit together, we get into each other’s rhythm, we can see each other’s facial expressions, and it’s more likely that we will actually hear one another. And isn’t that what we’re here for?

Warm socks and bright blessings…

Beverly Tricco, Director of Religious Education