Old Ship DRE

R.E. NOTES March 23, 2014


Dear Old Ship,

 I’ve been teaching Sunday school this term… It’s not something I should be doing, but we just weren’t able to recruit enough teachers this past term.

And you know what? I have been loving it.

 I’ve been teaching Grades 2& 3 with Chris Sullivan; the subject matter has been bible stories, under the pillar of “Our Jewish and Christian Heritage”.

 Today we read and discussed “The Parable of the Good Samaritan”; two adults, and seven children, seven to nine years old, and it was so gratifying exchanging thoughts and ideas and questions and answers with each other.

 We were thinking hard; about kindness and help… friends and enemies… safety and danger…

 In the year 2014, as in the year 14 (or so), it’s a complicated world with plenty of reason to be cautious, and still, we do want to be open-hearted… and we want to be willing to help.

 We ran scenario after scenario… “What would you do if this?” What would you do if that?” More than one of us spent time laying on the floor, while others of us went through the motions of “what to do” about the scene we’d happened upon.

 We took stock our individual abilities and our modern day resources… AND we had to come to terms with our limitations… For example, I’m neither as tall nor as strong as Chris is… And a seven or eight or nine year old child is not as big or as strong as I am. And none of us know how to help as well as a police officer or fire fighter or EMT.  But any of us can call for help…. And we will if the need arises.

 Until that time, I have learned at least as much as the kids have; any Sunday school teacher will tell you that’s always the way.

 And I’ve learned that next time I’m recruiting volunteers, I will know that, more than asking a favor, I am offering a gift… and I’ll say with complete confidence, “It is the most nourishing  and fulfilling thing you’ll do all week.”

Spring Hugs and Bright Blessings,  

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religious Education