Old Ship DRE

R.E. NOTES August 25, 2014



August 25, 2014

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.    Marcel Proust


Dear Old Ship,   

The world is heavy on us… from the heavy, heavy news… to the weighty expectations of our family, friends and community…

Sometimes it is a challenge to remember who WE are… and what our individual life is about… and what makes US come alive.

 I like to think this is a big part of what Unitarian Universalist religious education does…

 And I feel like this fall, this year, what we offer is more needed than it’s ever been.

 I propose that this year, we treat our time together as a balm… and a blessing… and nourishment.

Feel free to talk to me about that… about what would be most nourishing for you and your family. I have the feeling that it’s going to come down to how we treat each other when we’re together… maybe slowing way down.  Maybe we’ll be feeling our way as we go.

Call, e-mail or visit me during the week, because as always, I like to dedicate my brief, precious, Sunday morning time to being 100% present and available to children and Youth, who don’t have the power or the executive skills to call, e-mail, or visit me during the week…

Finding the “wonder and marvel”…

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religious Education

p.s. Like last year, our first day of R.E. will be a scavenger hunt of the Parish house… Ground floor to attic… Teams of teachers, children and Youth… Getting to know each other, the building, and where to find stuff, all in one fun, pseudo-competitive swoop…