We’ve been having technical difficulties… It seems things work differently down here in the mountains and hollers, signals and power-wise…

The Coal House, museum and gift shop... I bought an Appalachan Dictionary...We're all good now...

The Coal House, museum and gift shop… I bought an Appalachan Dictionary…We’re all good now…


This is the Williamson High School/ bed and breakfast… We were a little disappointed about missing out on the Habitat house at first, but the hot showers and the gym have turned out to be a great boon…


Shopping at the coal house…


Apparently, the boys went running… This sign has been getting a work out… I tried to tell Sam he could slack off… It turns out, he was dopey enough to go on a trip WITH his track team captains… (face-palm)


This is the buiding across the stree from where we do our meals… It’s lovely and melancholy… SO many of the houses are abandoned here…


The high school track is abandoned too…


View from our “office”…


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