Religious Education Notes                                  4/24/16

Dear Old Ship,

What a day we had today!     Sunday, April 24th…     Earth Day, 2016…

It was the kind of day you want to save in a scrap book… to buoy your spirits on those days when life feels extra difficult… and there are no friends around… and inspiration is hard to come by…

So here’s your scrapbook entry:

The Story for all ages was wonderful today. It was about a boy who could make wonderful clothing from clouds.  But this boy was very wise and never made more than he absolutely needed.

Berni and the choir composed a tune to go with the story, and by the end, we all knew it!           Enough is enough; not one… stitch… more….

the cloud spinner1

Ken probably told a wonderful sermon, I wasn’t there… I never am. (frowny face emoji)

Over in the Parish House, things were hopping…

We had eight babies and toddlers in the Nursery… Blessings to Lulu and Jessica for bringing the love, and to Corey F-M for staying and being the third care-giver; keeping it safe and legal.

The Youth Group worked upstairs, putting the finishing touches on their worship service in the Meetinghouse next week.  It’s going to be powerful.

The rest of us did what we do in the spring.  We broke into two groups, circled up and learned each-others’ names, and then went outside… One group figured out how to make a sundial. The other found chives in the back woods and transplanted them into the playground garden.


We had a giant birthday party… with cake… for EVERYBODY! It was so much fun. And the excitement was SO disproportionate; wild and wiggly… for everyone!!

Everyone born in a month, sat at that month together; no matter what age. And they had conversation starters on the table, to help them get to know each other. SO much fun. SO much talking.

happy birthday CAKE day


It was a good day to be alive… on planet Earth… and at Old Ship… (smiley face emoji)

Bright blessings, fellow earthlings…

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religious Education


About beverlytr

person, educator, unitarian universalist, artist, lover of the written word...
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