Newsletters and Legos

Religious Education Notes                                                           9/23/16

Dear Old Ship,

It’s newsletter time again… I really don’t like newsletter time… Blank slate… Blank mind…An old writer’s trick is to go find something else to do… something that won’t take long… and hope that inspiration comes while you’re being otherwise occupied and productive.The quickest, most concrete, task on my to-do list was “make a Lego chalice for the Grades 2&3 group”.

They are a high energy group and the plan is that while they are working on lessons from our Jewish and Christian Heritage, they can busy their hands and eyes making Lego tableaus of the stories.  Fingers crossed.

I’m no more enthused about doing Legos than I am about newsletter time… I managed to avoid them when I was little, and when my kids were little. But Pema Chodron tells us that “Nothing ever goes AWAY until it teaches us what we need to know.”  So… faced with the newsletter and/or the Lego chalice, I chose the latter…  And magically, a newsletter topic appeared.

The way we piece together our R.E. program is a lot like how I’m making this chalice…Given a box of assorted Legos (and other ephemera) as big as a twin mattress, I look for some bit of left-over that someone else assembled years ago, to serve as a base…

Then I add things… Then I start to feel a bit of enthusiasm… I start to form a vision…

When I can’t find something that would fit just right, I back up, switch the plan and use what I can find… what we have plenty of.

When one piece is super-dooper perfect, but I only have one of them and I need two, I look really really hard for that second one. And I do find it, deep deep deep in that big old casket of plastic bits.

On Sunday, it may turn out that none of the kids have any enthusiasm for Legos. Then we’ll back up, switch the plan… etc. etc. etc. That’s how we do it around here…

If you have questions, or if you want to hear more about our actual offerings, you can ask me directly…Or check out our brochure on the Old Ship website. Actually… you’ll find last year’s brochure; this year’s isn’t on there yet. It’s next on my list of things to do.

Bright blessings,

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religion Education


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person, educator, unitarian universalist, artist, lover of the written word...
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