Old Ship DRE

Religious Education Notes 10/21/16


Dear Old Ship,

This is what the Boston Globe had to say in advance of HONK! :

“BRASS AND MORE For 11 years, the Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands has been marching through the streets of Somerville and surrounding areas to promote an appreciation of culture and social justice.[   ]

Honk! originated in Somerville and has inspired related festivals in cities across the country and the world. There is even a Somerville-based School of HONK that carries on the spirit of the festival throughout the year.

Many of the bands – both local and from around the United States and Canada – are repeat performers. And, this year, there are two performing groups from France.”

This was the call for participants:  On Sunday, October 9th, youth from Arlington Street Church and other area churches will be marching as the “New England Region Unitarian Universalist Religious Education Programs” in the HONK Parade! 

 Thirteen people are marching in the group you see in these photos; ten of them are Old Shippers… AND that’s our banner.

I told our Youth and R.E. folks it would be fun. I told our Youth and R.E. folks it would be powerful. I told our Youth and R.E. folks they would be connecting with UUs from all over.

And they showed up… In the rain and the cold, they came out and they BROUGHT it… They raided our attic and they gussied up…

Five Youth… Two kids… and Three adults… That’s what I had to repeat in my head; the head count…

So I didn’t lose anyone… on the Red Line shuttle bus… on the T… in Davis Square… all the way to Harvard Square…

Five Youth… Two Kids… and Three adults…

In a group of thirteen… representing “New England Region Unitarian Universalist Religious Education Programs”. 

I don’t know how that makes you feel… but it makes me really proud.

Bright blessings,

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religion Education