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Teaching prayer


Religious Education Notes                                           1/27/17

Dear Old Ship,

On any given Sunday at Old Ship there is a lot of learning going on…and a lot of teaching…

Volunteers offer their time and their hearts and do their best… I interrupt when I perceive a “teachable moment”… Our kids are so smart and so “awake” that they end up teaching us as much as we teach them…

BUT you know what we don’t teach much about?    Prayer… Your kids are NOT learning prayer from us…

“Why?” you might ask, and I’m hoping you will… because I want to tell you why…

I didn’t fully realize this until I tried to teach it, or tried to help teachers teach it, but prayer is the most personal thing a person can do… I can imagine the arguments against that statement, but I stand by it anyway.

The moment you open up the prospect of prayer, underlying choices and questions come up and need to be addressed…  These questions and choices are a matter of individual choice for adults, but that are a matter of “family identity” for young children… and perhaps even for teenagers.

Some of the many questions and choices are: Why pray at all?  Who do we pray to? Is being clear on the “who” essential to getting started with prayer? Those are questions best begun and discussed within the family.

Here’s a little graphic to use as a jumping off point:     

Then later, we at Sunday school can begin to have discussions about prayer.

Yours in prayer,

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religion Education