…not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes…

Religious Education Notes                                           5/26/17

Dear Old Ship,

Here’s something from Proust’s seven-volume work, Remembrance of Things Past (or In Search of Lost Time).   The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is

Ten members of our Youth Group went on a voyage in April… four Old Ship adults went with them. We voyaged by cars, vans, airplanes and boats… and we made discoveries…

We learned a number of things about land that was new to us… We beheld some parts of the universe through the eyes of others… and I will make bold to say, “We developed new eyes…”


We learned:

  • Some churches have coffee hour outdoors.
  • Some churches have lizards in their yards.
  • Some churches don’t have pews.
  • Alligators are everywhere.
  • When your lodging is within the Panther National Wildlife Refuge system, you don’t hang around outdoors after dark.
  • Some dogs have work to do.
  • Among migrant farmworkers, some folks work “on the tree” and some folks work “on the ground”… and the differences matter; they matter a lot.
  • 70% of the vegetables we eat between November and April come from South Florida.
  • The work that goes into planting and picking those vegetables is strenuous… and exacting.
  • Neither teens nor adults can take in more than two speaker-presentations in any given day.
  • Each of us does self-care and centering in our own ways; some need a nap… some need to listen to music… some need to climb a tree.
  • Most of us are better and happier DOers than we are LISTENers.
  • People sometimes do unspeakable things to their fellow humans… Regulations, consequences, and strategically-thought-out pressure, sometimes makes those people stop… Some people will go to any lengths to continue to have the right to do unspeakable things.
  • Some people go to the laundromat carrying their laundry on top of their heads.
  • Chickens wander freely in Immokalee.
  • A picking bucket of tomatoes weighs 32 pounds… Thirty two pounds is heavier than it sounds.
  • Vultures are everywhere… for a reason.
  • Almost everyone loves a gift shop.
  • Almost everyone feels self-conscious protesting… People of conscience do it anyway.


Thank you for “beholding the universe” with me…

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religion Education



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person, educator, unitarian universalist, artist, lover of the written word...
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