R.E. NOTES August 24, 2018

Dear Old Ship,


This is my pollinator garden.

I took this photo last night.

I worked on this garden all summer.

Some of you may recognize bits and pieces… I learned to make these raised beds on our service and learning trip to West Virginia… The lumber came out of Old Ship’s garage; I bought the leftovers from the Youth Group. I got seeds from lots of gardener friends from all the far flung corners of my life, and I got cuttings from Pam Harty’s mini-meadow right here in Hingham. When I got impatient, I even bought some stuff from nurseries.

I learned a lot putting this garden together…I made a lot of mistakes… I underestimated the fascination my dogs would have for the rich brown soil and had to build uprights in each bed and then wrap rabbit fencing… then I realized I would need to weed each bed and had to cut the rabbit fencing. The one thing that rabbit fencing DID let in was rabbits, and they ate all of dandelions that I was graciously allowing to bunk in with my bought and nurtured plants.

 I tell you this because this is how I learn about life.  We make plans… the world has its own plans… things don’t happen the way we predicted… and we adapt and change.

And that is perfectly OK.

Last year, we did wonderful multi-gen worship services every month. Our hope was that this would help teachers and families connect the formal service in the church to the community across the street in the Parish House. As it turned out, fewer families attended than we’d hoped, and elders, teachers and other adults were our most enthusiastic attenders. Surprise!! Turns out, that was perfectly OK… and we’re going to keep doing it.

We have wonderful plans for this year across the age groups. I will be publishing the calendar of the things we have planned so far; like everything, it will grow and change as things develop.

We will need volunteer teachers, parents and non-parents, for every age group. You will be hearing more from me about that. We have a super cooperative Religious Education program and families come from several surrounding towns to be part of it.  Please check in with me or with anyone on the Children’s Religious Education Committee or the Youth Committee to find out where your niche might be.

Many hands make light work…

Beverly Tricco

Director of Religious Education


p.s. Like last year, our first day of R.E. will be a scavenger hunt of the Parish house… Ground floor to attic…

Teams of teachers, children and Youth…

Getting to know each other, the building, and where to find stuff, all in one fun,

pseudo-competitive swoop…




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